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Our Industry Focus

Although, each customer's problems are unique, we believe that understanding patterns in problems across industry segments helps us understand and tailor our offerings to these industries. This requires understanding the key metrics that govern the industry, their business proesses, typical systems that are used and most importantly their clients.

We achieve a level of maturity by having industry domain leaders that have executed in the industry and have been seeking services for many years. This knowledge is translated to our teams working for that industry helping us out-perform. We have best practices that are tailored for each of the industry verticals we address.

Each of our offering is customized for the industry we focus on and we provide micro-service offerings that are unique to each industry.


Financial Services

We help financial services companies that include Insurances, NBFC's, Micro-finance companies and Banks in their digital journey.


Consumer Business

Consumer businesses are being disrupted by digital and need to create an omnichannel engagement across all formats. We service retail and hospitality sectors through our offerings.



In the ditigal world, Technology has become the core platform for differentiation. We support technology based businesses like Media houses, Software companies, IT service providers and Telcos.

Passionate teams Digital focus Flexible execution








Hours of development


We focus all our services around the process of digital transformation within enterprises. Our highly talented teams deliver high quality solutions that provide better customer engagement and efficient processes. Our competencies are around customer engagement and experience, process improvement and modernization in the IT required to support digital

Flexible engagement models with quality teams and transparent execution is what you get from Cognate. We can assure that you will love working with us!

Service Offerings

Our people provide service offerings around our competencies. Our practice and competency leads ensure that high quality is maintained across all the service offerings.

Managed Services

We offer outcome based managed services for infrastructure operations and modernization. We use best in class processes for aligning our managed services offering for business outcomes.

Temporary workforce

We provide high quality teams to help our clients meet demand spikes or talent crunches. Our talent management teams continuously hire and creates high quality teams across our competencies that are used to service this need.


We have expertise in our major areas of focus and provide solutions for Customer engagement, modernization and infrastructure operations. Our solutions teams continuously develops accelerators for efficiency during development and maintenance of solutions developed.

About us

We are a privately owned company started by technocrats in 2011. The founders have experience in building and managing teams for IT services companies and had managed teams of more than 1000 people. They believed that there was an opportunity to translate their experience into a sustainable enterprise, that helped customers with building and managing high performance teams.

In the process of executing the plan, the team built best practices that enable us to find and attract high quality talent and build teams that are high performing.

  • Great Culture

    People at cognate believe in mutual respect and there is no place for people who don't believe in this. This fundamental principle ensures that people work for the success of teams instead of themselve and drives a culture of accountablility without compromising fun while working.

  • Happy Teams

    Our culture combined with all the benefits that are centered around respect ensure happy teams. We ensure teams are more important than individuals and have developed systems around that principle. All metrics are centered around success of teams rather than individuals. Flexi hours, work from home, sabaticals and great parenthood benefits add to satisfaction of the teams.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Happy teams always ensure that their customers are happy and we are no different. All our customers are referencable and are a part of long term multi-year relationships. Delegated accountability, decision making and relationships ensure that someone is always their for our customers and we ensure we keep the customer at the center of most of our decisions.

Leadership Team

  • Venkat Teegala

    Managing Director

    Venkat started Cognate in 2011 after a successful stint in many large companies such as ITC, Oracle, Satyam and Alliance Semiconductors in US. He was a part of the leadership team responsible for delivery of OPD and built a group of 800 engineers in 3 years at Oracle and Satyam. He has been responsible for the solutions and delivery at Cognate since Inception.

    Apart from work, venkat is very passionate about education and enabling employment.

  • Arpan Banerjee

    VP Operations

    A management leader with a technology background, Arpan has been a marketing and sales leader in companies such as Aztec and Innominds before starting his own consulting firm helping many companies in setting up and defining their best practices for training, sales and marketing.

    Outside work arpan is passionate about teaching/training and music.

    Arpan is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Bangalore.

  • Gesudraz Ataullah

    Head - Temporary Workforce

    Gesu has been in the human capital space for the last 15 years and has helped build teams across many of the large IT companies in India. He leads the Temporary Workforce unit and ensures that the identification and selection of talent is done with the highest standards.

    Gesu is a people's person and is very passionate about developing and creating talent. The loyal teams and workforce is a testimony to his passion and drive.

We are hiring !! We are continuously looking for people driven to be the best, with an excellent attitude and the ability to learn new skills that want to be a part of growing teams. We can assure that you will being a part of the team!

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